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The way in which we carry ourselves can say an awful lot about us. Body language accounts for a good percentage of person-to-person communication. Achieving a good posture and maintaining it is an essential part of achieving holistic health and beneficial relationships in business and personal areas of our lives. Your posture can portray your emotional wellbeing be it good or bad and it can provide indications of the general health of your body. It is a sad fact that modern lifestyles can have a negative impact on our ability to maintain good posture. Driving a truck for 10 hours a day or sitting in front of a computer can have extremely detrimental effects on our posture in general.

Over the longer term the health of our spines can be greatly affected by these ingrained misalignments. This can affect you in many ways, mentally and physically. Correcting these alignment issues in your spine and achieving a good posture needn't be an uphill struggle even though it can seem like you are swimming against the current sometimes.

Begin by standing with your feet hip distance apart and try to distribute your weight evenly. Relax your knees slightly as you pull up through your legs. Always try to focus on keeping your hips square and a level. Now try to lengthen through your spine and contract your abdominals. Imagine sucking your bellybutton into the back of your spine and try to extend your height as much as possible. Dropping your rib cage try to pull your lower ribs towards your pubic bone. Focus on keeping the shoulders relaxed at all times and your neck as straight and long as possible.During the entire exercise you should also focus on your breathing trying to perform most of the movement on the outward breath. This will give you the most benefit possible.

It doesn't take long to do this exercise every day and it will pay huge dividends in the long run. Stack the deck in your favor and commit to improving your posture for a healthier happier life.

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